Thursday, February 26, 2009

Guess who's 6 years old

Swirl shawl is about 40% finished. It's turning into an equilateral triangle. That will make it too long in back. It also means that I will not be knitting as many motifs. How many less is still to be determined.

Swirl scarf is 40% finished. It only has 37 motifs. 18 are finished.

The baby sweater got sewn together. Photos were taken. I submitted a proposal to Bernat Yarns to publish the pattern. We'll see what happens.

Sock knitting goes slowly. The shawl has a deadline. The yarn is striping nicely though. Priorities!

Here's snaggle tooth.

Just when I think I'm making progress on stash reduction I get a box or two in the mail from a yarn company. Yesterday I got a large box from Spinrite, who sell Patons and Bernat yarns. I got 12 balls of new yarn or new colors. There are a lot of natural materials in the box; Alpaca, wool, bamboo. This appears to be where the yarn world is going.

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