Saturday, August 8, 2009

More sewing pattern frustration

Today's job was not the Cheongsam dress. It's a long story, but by the time the bride got enough fabric to me, it was late afternoon. I'll work on it Monday, and probably finish it. There are only three pattern pieces, front, back including shoulders and sleeves, and collar. There are facing pieces, but I won't be using them.

Instead, today I made a pair of pants for myself. I hate the ease in big three commercial patterns! I did check the finished measurements and still had to take in 3/4" on each side of the pants. The good news is that they are comfortable and I wore them most of the day. There were a few more pattern tweaks that showed up in the wearing, but I have a usable pattern. I can use this as a sloper for other pants patterns.

It's been a long time since I bought a pattern, but they were on sale and I needed something in my present size. I bought two patterns. I knew that I would have to make adjustments, and for the most part they worked. Unlike anything I can buy, the waist fits, the hips fit, the crotch is in the right place and the length is right.

These pants are super simple. Darts and side zipper, but no waistband. The pattern called for twill tape inside the waist. I used grosgrain ribbon. An invisible zipper was used instead of a regular one. It only took twice as long as the next pair will take! I may even add facings on that pair.

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