Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Family

The Cheongsam dress is finished and was delivered today. Bride and Mom were thrilled. I love customers like that.

We've been busy with family things. August 16 was the college graduation/family party for my niece. Big bubbles are big fun. My sister has learned to quilt. She's showing her quilt to quilter daughter.

I was working on a vest for MB's Christmas. I had already discovered that my contrast color ran out before I was ready. I had hoped to keep the edge and change color after that. The contrast in the photo is Ivory Sprinkles WoolEase. I've changed to white WoolEase. The front was up to the armholes when I ran out of yarn. The back is/was finished. It's a size 8 long, so not really large. I may use the Ivory Sprinkles for the younger WB.

I've been working on a cotton jacket. Three colors of seed stitch in dishcloth cotton, following a Vogue sewing pattern. The back is now finished. The variegated yarn is about 25 years old. I'm not sure how far it will go, but I finally found a project for it.

Crystal Palace Yarns is running a mystery sock KAL. I had to redo clue one because I didn't read the instructions carefully. I missed 4 rows of garter stitch at the beginning. I finished clue 3 on the first sock tonight. This is the first time I have knit with beads. Clue 2 is done on the other sock.

Another family gathering tonight. Youngest daughter and husband are in from Florida. They came to a wedding in Ohio and are spending a couple of days with family, staying with her sister.

The lacy sock will be given next weekend at the family Labor Day party. It's a birthday gift that i need to finish. I have a couple of commissions to do ASAP.

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