Saturday, August 1, 2009

It doesn't fit!!

My black linen jacket is too big. If all else fails, read everything! I made the size for my measurements, made the usual needed adjustments for a round back, worked slowly and carefully. I have great buttons and am happy with the button loops. The loop is made from vintage soutache braid. It looks like a hand me down from a fat lady. (My mother was smaller than I am).

What went wrong? I didn't check the finished measurements. If I had i would have known it would be bigger than I wanted. Way too9 much ease!! It might have worked in the suggested fabric, duipioni silk, but not in linen. Luckily all is not lost.

I have taken off the bottom band in the back. It has a center back seam and I'll move the pleats. I opened the side seams and removed the sleeves. All the hand sewing is intact. All pieces have been cut down to the next smaller size.

Today's job is to replace the sleeves, resew the side seam, which goes from waist to cuff, and replace the bottom band. I plan to make this jacket again, and will make the smaller size.

It now fits much better. I am happy!!

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