Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black Linen Jacket progress

Black Linen Jacket
There has been progress. Day 2 saw sleeves added. The sleeve facing is added first. I understitched it to the main sleeve piece. Then you sew the shoulder seam and the underarm/side seam. The pattern called for hand sewing the facing to the sleeve, but I serged the edge and then used my hemmer. This view is inside out to better show the sleeve facing, which will be folded up to the outside.

The collar was hand stitched on the outside edge. I've been doing a lot of hand sewing recently.

Day 3 was the bottom band. This is doubled (like the collar) but, because of the pleats in the back, it is machine stitched, and in my case serged.

Customer's sundress
Yesterday, the second dress came together. The neck trim came from the back of the original, cut in half lengthwise and seamed. It was folded before application, stitched to the outside, and hand stitched to the inside. The fabric for the dress top is knit, which should work well for bust coverage.

The finished dress. The first dress was altered the same way, but no pictures.

Sock Knitting
I've been playing with heel decreases in
spired by Cat Bordhi. I tried one pair with the decreases on top of the foot. I own the book, but had not read it recently.

The last pair had the decreases on the bottom of the foot.
This looks a little odd. I looked in the book, and Cat Bordhi put more plain rows between the decrease rows. Maybe next time.

Teeny socks
Our knitting guild has started having a mini class at each meeting. Next month, it will be on short row heels. I thought I would do some step-out samples.

I started with a new Pathway sample sock. this will be a great baby item, but all heels in the book have heel flaps. I may add ties to the back of these booties.

My favorite short row heel is the one by Priscilla Gibson Roberts. It uses yarn overs. The next samples use a teeny version of this heel. One sample is atthe beginning of the heel, the other is after turning and beginning all the pick ups. I put the instructions in the ziploc bag with the samples. They will become another baby gift after the meeting. I started these socks with Judy's magic cast on. I had not used this particular cast on before. It's a little fiddley, but I think it will become my favorite.

I will do another sample with wraps on the short rows, but not today.

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