Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend with Family

We had a family birthday party today at our daughter's house. MB is getting better at baseball. It is a favorite family activity, making it easy for a little one to find someone to throw the ball.

EB was flying, with help. Doesn't this look like fun? At 4 yrs old, she needs help.

I took my knitting and finished another sock. Like a dummy, I failed to wind the yarn for the second sock and bring it with me. I had to start with the leftover yarn that I had. It kept me going. I didn't knit much after dinner.

The birthday socks are complete. They were a hit at the party, with "ooh"s being heard when they were held up for viewing. Of course, I'm trying to sell the pattern, so no good pictures.

The other big hit was the fleece hoodie for littlest grandson. I don't think he knows what he got, but he loves how soft it is. I bought the fabric last February. It's not easy to find a small print for a little boy. I have 2 more hoodies to make for next January/February. I'll start looking for appropriate fabric soon. So many of the prints seem to be sized for blankets.

He quickly got tired of presents, and fell in love with floating tissue paper. He wasn't the only one opening gifts, but I think he just got tired with all the people there.

I talked in an earlier post about one of the retirement homes I do alterations for. This week, I went to the other retirement home with my camera. I got a skyline view from the room I work in. The building is built on a hill. This is floor #7. Downtown Cleveland is to the left and you can see Lake Erie on most days straight ahead.

Outside the door on the same level is a garden which is handicapped accessable. Many of the plants were donated by residents.

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