Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy day off

I started the day by donating 4 boxes of fabric to my college. It will be used by the fashion students. I had, and still have too much fabric that I don't see myself ever using. There are some great pieces, but my lifestyle has changed. I don't wear wool skirts any more, for example. It's usually slacks in the winter. Here are a couple of campus pictures. To the right is the student center. The other picture is the lake in the center of campus.

I rarely talk about my day job. Thursdays I'm not in my shop. One of the things I do is go to a retirement home to meet with residents who need alterations and repairs. I charge the same same as if they came to the shop, but I give them the service of coming to where they are, and delivering the items back the next week. I do the work at the shop.I work for two different buildings, of the same retirement community.
Today I took my camera.

Across the street from today's stop is a Cleveland landmark, known as the Church of the Holy Oil Can. That's not it official name, but you can see why it got the name. I used to see the steeple from my Grandmother's apartment. She lived in an apartment house on the edge of a hill, looking over a cemetary. The church was visible from her bedroom window. The cemetary was always beautiful looking.

Today's stop was Judson Manor, housed in a 1920's hotel which is a National Landmark. I just took a picture of the main entrance. I should do this again and take pictures of the inside lobby. I have not seen any of the apartments.

I went from there to my LYS to drop off some patterns I had printed. I was supposed to meet with the yarn company owner, but he was off schedule. I like this job! I get paid for designing and knitting a garment, then I get paid for the follow-on pattern sales.

Lunch was next. I picked up corned beef sandwiches from Mr. Brisket. The best we've had in a long time.

Then off to our son's house to pick up the grill from Sunday's party. Spent time for coffee and talk.

Sock knitting progresses. The next birthday sock is almost finished. I tried a different decrease method. Cat Bordhi says that you can place the decreases anwhere, so I tried the top of the foot. I've even written the pattern already. I'll start its mate tonight.

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