Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do I ever sew for myself?

The socks for Plymouth are done. The next pair is started. They'll be for JC, my newest SIL. His birthday is in about a week, but he won't be in town until later in the month. I got the main color of Trekking last year at our guild yarn swap. The program for August is the yarn swap. What ever you sell, you donate 10% to the guild. It's always great fun. I usually forget to take any money, which limits what I can buy.

Business is slow at work. I'm trying to put 1/2 hr to 1 hr a day into sewing for myself and family. I recently finished a blue cotton shirt/jacket. The fabric was bought to match a striped skirt, which it doesnt quite match. Luckily I have lots of other items to wear with it. I don't like how I look in photos, but I think the problem is with the size and shape of my body, rather than the camera. I have yet to see a camera that adds weight to a body. The reality is that we really don't want to see what any mirror can show us.

I have started a linen jacket from a Marci Tilton pattern Vogue 7907. The pattern is on sale on line right now. The black linen is from stash and the embroidered linen is new. I'm trying to declutter all parts of my life, and am more comfortable buying something that I can use right away. I spent many years buying things because they were pretty and I could use them some day.

I bought this pattern to do a knit jacket. I'm using dishcloth cotton, which is a little hard on my hands, so I'm going slowly. It's a 3-color seed stitch pattern that I learned from Lily Chin. I also have some light weight wool to use for another version. There also seem to be lots of socks with deadlines.

I have been remodeling sundresses at work. This is the second one for this customer. She is big busted and wants more coverage. I have deconstructed the top and will cut the new fabric Monday. Pictures will follow .

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Knit n Sew Studio by Debbie said...

Glad to see some one making clothes for themselves. I have recently decided to returning to making my clothes. I used to make most but then got busy with other things. i'm also trying to declutter. Have too many projects started.