Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm working on 2 mystery socks and a stealth project. All other knitting has stopped temporarily. Crystal Palace Yarns is hosting a mystery sock. I have not knit the 4th clue, but here's where I am after 3 clues on two socks. Yarn is Panda Wool, a bamboo wool mix in ultramarine.

Sock Knitters Anonymous has a mystery sock this month designed by Nancy Bush. I have only knit one sock worth of this one. Yarn is Patons Kroy Socks 4 ply in Mellow Yellow.

The newspaper article shows some of the public art being created in my neighborhood. It's actually crocheted from macrame cord with big hooks, but we'll take our publicity where we can. In addition to the parking meters I showed in an earlier post, trees and light posts have new coats. I'll have to get more pictures.

I'm also working on a red sock stealth project.

Yesterday was another fair judging. I enjoy the job. This fair had a lot of really nice entries.

I should have a lot done this weekend. in addition to the holiday, I'm not working Friday or Saturday. Another big family party is Sunday afternoon in honor of Labor Day.

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