Saturday, September 26, 2009

More socks finished

I finished the yellow mystery socks this week. Looking for new backgrounds for photos, I tried the base of our birdbath, I'm not really happy with how it came out, but here it is.

Our local library started a knitting group. Big success. There were about 30 people there of all skill levels. Five of my friends came. We will talk up our guild and other fun things like Knitters Fantasy in April.

I'm back to catching up on birthday socks. I've got a good start on AE's purple socks. Her birthday was Sept. 15. I still have two pairs of grandson socks to do from July. One pair is started in black for CD. The other pair is waiting for October. Solid socks on Ravelry has picked blue for the month of October and SG is getting navy socks.

Not much knitting for Christmas. I had to restart MB's vest because I ran out of contrast yarn. The front is almost finished.

Work has picked up at the shop, so not much sewing for me, not that I was doing much anyway. I finished a pair of slacks recently, pull on with elastic waist. Boring and not entirely successful. I'm still playing with fit issues. Next up is a new blouse. Today I get to attach veils to combs, hem pants and a dress, and a couple of other things. Maybe I can get a little time on the blouse. It's cut out.

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