Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a new year

The stash buster/leftovers socks are finished. I called them Jackson Pollack socks, because they remind me of paint splashed all over the place. There are 8 different yarns in the socks. The only one I used up is the main color.

I can get back to work on my cotton jacket. The back is finished. One front piece is started. I need to work on it a little each day.

I had great plans for cooking up large batches of food and freezing left overs. I also had cleaning/organization plans. Instead I had a couple of days of flu from the H1N1 shot I got Monday morning and then I got a col/cough from DH. Neither of us felt like eating and I didn't have energy for all my big plans.

I did work about an hour a day doing alterations for the dry cleaner who is my customer. Everyone else can wait until Jan. 4. I also started a pair of socks for my SIL Josh. We were supposed to see the kids for Christmas in January. I was told that they'll be up in the summer. They settled in Florida to stay away from the snow. They'll get their gifts as soon as I finish them.

We have a couple of January birthdays. Gifts will be given when they are finished. Luckily for my knitting time, there are more requests for pajama pants, which only take about an hour of my time.

Just for something different, here's a picture of out fur girl. We don't think to take pictures of her, and when we do, they don't look good enough to share.

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