Saturday, January 15, 2011

Did you miss me?

One reason is these socks.
They have 16 colors of yarn in them. The pattern is called Drip Candles and is one of those, where if you start working, you can't seem to stop. What will it look like after the next color. My sock yarn leftovers pile is smaller now. The socks are packed up to go to Illinois for someone's birthday.

All the mittens were well received. My son remembers Stop and Go mittens from his childhood.

I've been slowly working on this velveteen jacket. It's time to sew for me and my family, so I'm trying to use 1/2 hr. each day for this. Here's the jacket at day 6.

It's a simple jacket that I've made before, but I did a couple of things different because of the velveteen. I lined the sleeves, so it will go on easily.

I did a Hong Kong finish on the hems. I used bias tape from my stash, sewing it to the outside of the hem, pressing it flat, turning it under, and stitching the line between bias and velveteen. They look like this when hand stitched to the jacket. The pattern calls for top stitching, which worked well on the first one I made, but I didn't like it here.

Day 7 saw the yoke put together and the bound buttonhole made. The jacket is now finished. the yoke is lined with lining fabric and there is a black button. I'll get a photo today, I forgot the camera yesterday.

Next project is a pair of flannel p.j. pants for a 2 yr old.

My knitting needles are not idle, but again, few photos. I'm working on socks (no surprise there). They're a gift for my hairdresser. I forgot her at Christmas. I hope she can wear wool.

There also is the vest for 6 yr old granddaughter. I've no pictures of that at all.

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