Thursday, January 27, 2011

Odd pictures

I don't know where my photography is going. First I take a picture of a frowning face. The bath mat is a little cock-eyed.

Then I try to show you a yarny bathing suit. This will be another Rodekool scarf. The left hand yarn is Jojoland Melody and the right hand yarn is Aussi Sock. I figured that I should knit the second scarf while I still remembered the pattern and how to fix errors. It did take me four tries to get it cast on and started. Plan A was to use two ends of the same yarn. There was no contrast and it was hard to follow the pattern. Mistake fixing was next to impossible. This is not high contrast, but different enough for ease in working.

One purple/pink mitten is finished. The second was uncooperative this morning. Mitten #1 was started on #4/3.50 mm needles. Mitten #2 was started on #5/3.75 mm needles. I had switche4d to the larger needles for the hand of mitten #1. The fuzzy stripe was supposed to have pink sock yarn carried along with the eyelash, not pink worsted. I'll admit, I was in the car helping DH with errands this morning when these glitches happened.

I have the yarn for the blue sock. They look like this now. The goal of finishing by month end will be met. The LYS is selling out its stock of Pony Pearl needles. I picked up some dp needles in the scarf size that are 8" long. That should work better than the needles I had before. I get tired of the extra length of a circular needle for a small project, and 7" dps were just a little short.

Exercise for the day was a trip to Sam's Club. I haven't been for about 6 months and spent like a drunken sailor. An hour or so of pushing a cart that got increasingly heavy, loading everything in the car, unloading everything at home, finding homes for everything, much of it in the basement, made for one tired knitter. I need to go more often, so I'll buy less at a time. Next trip will be when we run low on pancake syrup. I didn't buy that today.

Next exercise session will be the emptying of three closets. Wall paper removal is scheduled for Wednesday. Domestic archeology will undoubtedly find much that can leave the house in the donation bag or the garbage. Out of sight, out of mind.

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