Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Clothes to Alter

This Muppet fur jacket came into my shop last week. I needed to make the sleeves shorter and narrower. It's easy to get inside to the seams, just undo the top stitched seam in the lining!

After cutting the fur, however, my pants looked like this! There are times I hate fur! There is no way to cut it without short pieces making a mess.

The same day, a clown came into the shop with a new outfit that needed altering. I shortened the skirt by 3 inches so that her petticoat would show, and made the sleeves end at the elbow with a ruffle. She has a lime green petticoat and lime green hair.

She came back with fabric for a new outfit. It should be fun to make. The dress int he photo has elephants on it. The new one will have cupcakes.

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