Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh My

The day started out well. I picked a large bunch of flowers that were due to be covered with tarps. They made a nice display at work. The flowers to the right are Black-Eyed Susans and White Cone Flowers. I also picked Daisies and the little purple flower called Zebra Mallow (only one of those). This year's plant is all stem and few flowers. I didn't see it last year at all. I probably should have pruned it earlier in the year, but I just cut back what would interfere with painting.

Crochet is finished for the moment. The back of the vest is done. it's a little oddly shaped, but will have other pieces added, like two front pieces, and will look better then. I'm putting it aside to knit some socks. The pattern is from Cookie A. I didn't feel like designing anything right now. I still have a sweater pattern to finish.

This is what the back yard looked like this morning. There is a picnic table, as well as a patio table and tow chairs on the driveway. With only one car, I don't use that space. The patio table belongs on the porch. All the windows are covered, so that porch ceiling paint will not get on them. I can't use the back door at the moment. The downspout will be reconnected when that part of the painting is done. I'm hearing that they will be finished tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Then I'll be able to reclaim my dog.

The Oh My part
When I got to work, my laptop acted up again. The screen is so dark, I can hardly see it. It may re fixable, appearing to be a setting, but I've had a number of settings go wonky, and I've had enough. I bought a new laptop. I was able to get an inexpensive one, which will run QuickBooks, my bookkeeping program. I'm still setting it up, but once I get the backup restored I can work. There are a couple of other programs to install, but they can wait if needed. I knew the purchase was coming, but didn't need to have it fail and be unusable. Grrrrr!

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