Saturday, November 15, 2014

Winter is here for now

I woke up yesterday to this
The dog and I trudged through 4" of snow. (I didn't realize there was that much). It was fresh and not to hard to walk through.  Today, there is more snow and we're not walking.
It sure is pretty though.

Christmas knitting continues though, another cowl is almost finished. 😊 I'll start some socks later. I have the Volteado pattern from Knitty loaded into Knit Companion on my IPad. 

I seem to have lost a post. It had the first cowl and a pair of socks. The cowl was based on a free pattern that I altered to fit my gauge. The yarn is nice and durable Red Heart.

I also finished a pair of gift socks recently. The yarn is Grundl Hot Socks, another durable yarn. I make most gift socks from indestructible yarn. The yarn left from these socks will go into the new pair.

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