Saturday, August 9, 2008

O is for...

I wasn't thinking about Olympic knitting, which also fits. I was thinking about old sweaters. The black sweater is at least 35 years old. I remember where I bought the yarn. Would you be surprised to hear that it is knit of wool? The pattern is a gansey type sweater published in Woman's Day magazine. They used to show a collection of sweaters with pattern available by mail. The sweater has always been a little big on me, but also fit my DH. It's like the favorite boyfriend sweater, its big, but still gets worn a lot.

The green sweater is a little younger, but I don't remember when I knit it. It's a simple raglan, also of wool. Its actual color is a light olive.

Pre-Olympic knitting grumble
Last week I picked up a hibernating Christmas present. The pattern is Harvest Cable socks from the Sock Guy. I finally finished the 2" of ribbing and started the pattern. It didn't fit the number of stitches given. The numbers appear correct for the woman's version. A Ravelry check showed only female socks. A 14 stitch repeat does not fit in 80 stitches. Rrriiippp!! Start again with 84 stitches, which is 6 repeats of the pattern. At the start of the Olympics, I was 1/2 way down the foot and running out of yarn. Retreat! I'll find some comparable yarn for the heels and toes and pick it up again after closing ceremonies.

Olympic knitting
After frogging CB's sock, I started my Shy Sheep Vest. We have sheep!

We also have socks. The swatch was knit in Aussi Sock Spanish Fiesta color. The color length is similar, as are the colors. I have lots of Aussi Sock. The Panda Cotton I'm using for the real sock is short yardage. Cotton weighs more than wool. The sock toe in the picture no longer exists. The stitch count was right for the pattern, but came out too wide. I've restarted with smaller needles. 2.5mm was too big, now the sock is on 2.25mm. It's an easy lace pattern, where the colors don't fight the pattern. I'm calling it "The Road to the Olympics" because it's not smooth and straight, but zigzags, both the stitch pattern and the colors.

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