Thursday, August 28, 2008

Olympic ravthlete, sock patterns, P is for, Q is for.

Olympic Ravthlete

My socks qualified for a medal!!I misread the start time for the Ravelympics. They used Beijing time and I used US Eastern daylight time, also known as television time. It worked anyway. I'm putting the medals on my side bar.

I used pearl buttons on my sheep vest, but today when I was putting the left over yarn away, I found something. I have sheep buttons!!!

I finally have patterns for sale through Ravelry, hosted on my own website. I have 4 sock patterns listed, but one of them is not written yet. When it's written I'll put it up as a pdf. I've also learned how to edit my sewing business web site. It's always had a knitting page, which was blank. I'm hoping with a couple of extra days this weekend, I'll be able to make a pretty page and link to the other page.

P is for patterns

One of my first published patterns appears in XRX's Socks, Socks, Socks book on p. 15. I still have the socks. I bought the yarn at a house sale and made the socks to match my bowling shirt. There is ribbing under the mosaic cuff. The book was the result of too many good entries in a sock contest. The winners are in the book except there is no picture of the "Emperor's new socks".

Q is for quilts

I'm not the family quilter, but DD Julie is. Last fall she made a quilt as a Christmas gift for her sister Jan. She showed a picture of the design at a quilt wholesale show and sold the design to Quilter's Home. The issue with the quilt is now on sale. The quilt went off for photography and Jan got a picture for Christmas. We had a family party July 4th and Julie had the quilt, but needed it for a trunk show. Did I say that she lives in another state? Jan's afraid to use the quilt when she does get it. Julie's web site is Quilted pleasures.

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