Saturday, August 30, 2008

R is for Ribbit

My DGD Ana has a birthday coming up in mid-September. Now that her feet have quit growing, the decision was made to knit her some socks. I have a tracing of her foot from a year or so ago, so figuring commenced. I checked books, I figured gauge, this was a problem. Ana is a short young woman with very small feet (size2) but what I was knitting just looked too small. There was another concern. She's turning 17, so she doesn't have childlike stick legs. Her legs have shape.

Last night, I caught up with her to have her try the sock on. It wouldn't go over her heel!! RIBBIT!! I measured her heel, her leg, and the ball of her foot. The foot length from the tracing is ok. I've redesigned the sock in my head. It will be bigger and better. I'm keeping the trellis and adding a rib edge that looks like a flower, followed by a yarnover braid from Folk Knitting in Estonia. The yarn is Brown Sheep Wildefoote in purple Splendor. Ana's favorite color is purple. The new pattern will be awesome! I wonder who I can sell it to.

Sewing Challenge
Today I spent most of the day enlarging a bridesmaid dress for a large young lady. She's at least 6 feet tall and her dress is now a size 28 plus 12 inches. The dress is long enough. The wedding is next Saurday. I need to see 3 of 4 bridesmaids Tuesday, so that I have time to hem their dresses and make whatever other alterations are still needed. Two dresses were made larger by adding a fabric strip on each side from underarm to hem. The other two dresses are another style and needed taking in. Never a dull moment.

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Mom2fur said...

You sure have a lot of things to do! Being able to alter a pattern is a real talent, IMHO. I like to sew, but I'm not sure I'd ever tackle anything fancy like a bridesmaid's gown. I bet all the ladies will look beautiful on the wedding day!