Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back from Boston

Friday Flowers

I was in Boston last Friday. Here are some of the flowers that were still in bloom when I left. Lilacs and Dogwood are found on our daily dog walks. The lilacs are mostly finished for this year. They seemed to last longer than usual. This pink dogwood is a on street we don't often walk down. The dogwoods are still in bloom, but there are more leaves this week.

Prom dresses part 3

One dress with vest and tie delivered.

The other two dresses are finished. More pictures next time. The stripes are 4 individual fabrics sewn together. I got smarter when I did the vest and foundation pieced the fabrics to the vest body.

Boston area for knitting classes

Last weekend I taught 2 classes for the Baa Baa Black Sheep Knitting guild north of Boston. I have no pictures of the classes. I taught Knit to Fit in the morning and Blue Ribbon Finishing in the afternoon on Saturday. I flew in on Friday afternoon with a little time to see the city. My hosts chose to take me on a "Duck" tour. This is part of the "Duck" fleet on land. They are WWII amphibious vehicles which tour the city and then go into the Charles River for a water eye view.
The pink duck shows the water view.

I had a comfortable hotel room,but I should have been given a shoe horn with the room key. The room was sort of a triangle shape. The sink is behind me in this picture. I presume that the hotel upgrade didn't quite have this room in mind when they did it. It may not show in the 2nd picture, but there's not much room between the refrigerator and the sink. There's even less room to get around the big desk chair and then the corner of the bed. Once in the room I was OK, but half of the lights didn't work because there were not enough outlets.

The bed was comfortable, the hot water was hot. I could have made coffee in the room and ironed my clothes. I did use the hair dryer. I had everything that I might expect, but it didn't all fit nicely in this odd room. Also, the hotel had a nice breakfast included in the fee. I really didn't spend much time in the room anyway.

I was home on Sunday afternoon. I'm now planning for the next trip, a wedding in San Francisco in June.


Colonnade said...

Hi Lorrie,

Next time why don't you visit us at The Colonnade Boston Hotel no shoe horn needed. Plus, you can access the Duck Boats across the street from us.

Hope you had a good time in Boston.

Lorraine said...

I didn't make the reservation, or pay for it. It was comfortable, just an oddly shaped room with too much stuff for the space. The rest of the rooms in the hotel were rectangular, but the building had an odd angle and that's where I stayed. If it really bothered me, I would have asked for a room change.