Monday, January 7, 2008

Is it Spring in January?

Today sure felt like Spring, although it didn't smell like it this morning. Yesterday temps were in the mid 50's. This morning's dog walk saw greyness and mud. That's better than deep snow that's hard to walk in. She just loved getting out where we could walk. Today and tomorrow, we'll see 60's, then rain and dropping temps.

Last night we went to see the local hockey team (The Lake Erie Monsters, a farm team for the Colorado Avalanche) play. They lost again. At least hockey is good knitting time. I worked on John's socks, since they are simple. Hockey has three 20 minute periods separated by 20 minute intermissions. As we were leaving, we heard a familiar voice talk about Grandma and Grandpa. DD Jen and family (3 kids) were at the game and were leaving by the same door. We made tentative plans to celebrate birthdays for the 2 older DGKs, age 5 and 3. There will be one party as usual and I'll sew them fleece tops. Both of them are very long in the torso, so I'll add length there for longer wear.

I finished September Clue #2 on one sock this morning. I'll finish clue #2 on the mate tomorrow morning. These go quickly since they are heavier yarn and fewer stitches. They seem a little big, but I've matched the gauge. I hope that the heel solves the problem.

At work today, I got a box of designer sample yarn from Spinrite. I got 2 balls of Patons SWS, which in this case stands for Soy Wool Solids (as opposed to Stripes) 110 yds/80 g/2.8 oz. I got 2 balls of Bernat Soy - 134yds/70 g/2.5 oz. I like the yarns and have a design idea or two. Now where should I submit them?

Speaking of work, I spent most of the day altering a leather jacket to make it smaller. When the customer tried it on, I'd twisted the lining in one sleeve, so she couldn't get her hand through. I also have to take in the hips a little, so when I open it up, I'll fix both problems. She can have it tomorrow afternoon, before it gets cold again.

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