Sunday, January 13, 2008

More sock progress, Great customer service

The January mystery socks are almost finished. They just need the toes. This is a wine bottle pose, front and back. I don't expect the clue for the toes until 1/21/08. The original pattern has two different heels (see previous post). I expect the second heel to show up as clue#3 on Monday.
My DSis Carol sent me a set of the KnitPicks harmony dp needles. as a Christmas gift. I love having 6 sets of mm size needles and 6 needles/set. This is a good thing as there were 2 defective needles. One had a rough spot in the center that didn't snag yarn, but the other had a split point. I called them, so I could combine the replacement needles with the gifts I didn't get for Christmas. I wanted a book, which they don't have yet, although it was in their fall catalog. I also wanted the nickel plated set of sock needles. They offered me free shipping on the needles, since I tried to order enough to qualify for the free shipping anyway. When my new needles arrived, the replacement needles had multiplied in their packaging. They sent me a new set of 6 for each size. What great customer service! You may be able to see the new needles in the sock front to the left. I'm using another size on the gold mystery socks from September.

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