Tuesday, January 8, 2008

There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather...

Just bad choice of clothing. Tonight's dog walk tested this. I had on my wonderful rain pants and raincoat, a baseball hat to shield my glasses from the rain, and my waterproof shoes. What I didn't count on was that the rain would get on the tongue of my shoe and slide down the edges. The top edges of my feet slowly got wet. I was wearing wool socks and it was relatively warm out, so it wasn't too bad. Just something to think about next time I walk in the rain.

The rain pants are one of my better buys. They also work well in snow. Next rainy walk, I'll wear my Regia clear plastic boots. The tongue is connected to the rest of the boot, so water can't creep in.

I knit and knit on John's socks. This is a bad photo. It's hard to take good pictures of dark objects. I'm clearly going to run out of yarn. I've used Special Blauband for him before, but I must have used bigger needles. He's going to have crazy toes. I have a leftover print yarn that coordinates, so will use that when the green runs out. Darn big feet! Of course, He's a tall man.

I finished September's clue #2 (the gold socks) and am working on January clue#2. This one includes the heel and all of the foot. There is intarsia on the heel. I didn't like the image, so I changed it. There is no clue on the pattern as to whether this is one heel or both. The image on the pattern is one half of a heart. I can guess that the other sock has the other half, but then I'd have a left sock and a right one. I decided that MY socks would have a whole heart on each heel.

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