Friday, January 18, 2008

It's a slow week

It's been a slow week on the knitting front. I haven't felt well so everything moves more slowly. Our guild met Monday night. There were about 50 people there. One of the members talked about tricks of the trade, which included bobbles, edge treatments, and a lot of other little hints. I'm filing her handout, because I'm working on a Bands and buttonholes class and I might use some of her ideas.

The January socks with the heart heels are on hold until 1/23 when the toe clue comes out. I'm working on John's socks and have the heel turned on the second sock. The gold September socks are moving along. I needed to buy more yarn.These are tall socks, almost knee socks!!

I am finding that I am more tolerant than usual, of mistakes in these mystery socks. All 3 pairs have deviations from the pattern. The November (Barcelona) socks have a shorter cuff and longer leg than the designer planned. I miscounted repeats on the cuff and made the second sock match. The other two are lace and have mistakes, which I fudged. The January socks have the lace correct on the foot, but the mistake is somewhere on the leg. I know what row I found myself short of stitches, but don't know how. I had turned the heel before getting the pattern right and it's staying that way on both socks. On the gold socks, the lace moves from needle to needle. I just added a stitch on the back of the leg. No one but me is going to know, and I'm not telling after the socks are done.

I did knit 3 dishcloths and gave two to my hairdresser. She loved them. I need to do more of this. Easy and appreciated. I have dreams of knitting up a stock of these to have handy for gifts. The ungifted cloth was for ME! I made 24 cloths last fall for my DD Joyce. They were part of her wedding shower gift. She now has a lifetime supply and if not, she's a knitter. There are a number of other women in the family who would appreciate and use them.

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